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Make your own Keto and Low Carb ‘Sugar-Free’ Brown Sugar!

Make your own Keto and Low Carb ‘Sugar-Free’ Brown Sugar!
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Brown sugar is such a key sweetener in so many recipes, it’s much missed when you go low carb / keto. In baking, it adds a caramel flavor and depth to recipes. It also has a unique texture that gives additional moisture to baked goods. There are low carb / keto brown sugar alternatives but every time I’m reaching for them in my pantry, I’ve run out.  However, you can make your own Keto and Low Carb ‘Sugar-Free’ Brown Sugar! Yippee!

Admittedly, I don’t buy pre-made keto brown sugars too often because they are more specialized and thus more expensive. Being on a budget, I turn to resourcefulness. Truly, turning low-carb is so much more expensive. Isn’t it maddening that eating healthy can cost so much more?

But making your own Keto and Low Carb ‘Sugar-Free’ Brown Sugar is easy and quick!

I have 2 different recipes for brown sugar. One is completely sugar-free and totally Keto! Exciting right!?!

Make your own Keto Brown Sugar

The other is closer to the original recipe, but because it does have molasses in it — it will have more carbs than the other recipe. If you are low-carb or have been on Keto for a while it would be fine. However, I don’t recommend it if you are new to Keto. However, it doesn’t have a lot more net carbs, so if you are low-carb or have been on Keto for more than two months, this is a great option! I like this option for when I have ‘treats’ as it allows me some flexibility without a true cheat. I’m a natural rebel and keeping low-carb as a lifestyle can be challenging for me if I can’t have my small indulgences.

Check out both recipes here:

Homemade Keto ‘Sugar-Free’ Light Maple Brown ‘Sugar’

Homemade Low Carb ‘Sugar-Free’ Brown ‘Sugar’

You can play around with either or both recipes yourself. Each is fantastic.  I’ve tested both on all the recipes on my blog and they remain awesome. Most importantly, each one has that caramel taste and the texture of brown sugar. Additionally, each one packs down and has the additional moisture that brown sugar does. It’s so simple, yet exciting.

Homemade Low Carb Brown Sugar

In each recipe, I’m using either Erythritol or Allulose. Both work great. Erythritol can be a more economical option as well, so important when some of the Keto ingredients on a budget can present challenges. Both these sweeteners are only 70% as sweet as sugar, so if you are using it in a recipe that calls for brown sugar, you’d have to add more.

However, if you are using another type of sweetener to make your brown sugar, like Swerve Granular or a Sweetener with Monkfruit, like Lakanto Classic, these sweeteners are 1:1 with sugar. In my recipes, unless it specifically calls for Lakanto or Swerve, you can assume that the recipe has been adjusted for use with either Erythritol or Allulose.

On that note, If you are using Swerve Granular or a Sweetener with Monkfruit, like Lakanto Classic in my recipes, you are going to want to reduce the amount of sweetener by 25 to 30%. What can I say? I love the 1:1 sweetener options but being a natural coupon clipper, I often go with the economical options.

Homemade Keto Brown Sugar

Looking for recipes with using homemade brown sugar? Check out these recipes below:

All Canadian Low Carb Maple Butter Tarts

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

To note, you have to store your homemade brown sugar just like the real thing, in an air-tight container & then it will last for months. Even the sugar free kind has the tendency to clump together. Is it not the worst than when you reach for the brown ‘sugar-free’ sugar and it is completely rock hard because it was not stored air-tight?

The last thing I want to do is to take a chisel to try to release the ‘sugar’ in order to make my ‘cure-all chocolate chip cookies[coming soon]. Sadness would over take me, only leaving me closer to making bad choices! If you are like me, prevent this, and make sure your container seals well. Even add a ceramic brown sugar softener. Hey, if you can stand the temptation, a slice of white bread or marshmallow in the container will also keep the sugar from clumping.

Best part about this recipe? You’ll never run out of sugarless brown-sugar again! How about that? You’re welcome ☺

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