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Sugar-Free Blueberry Jam

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Everyone has a favourite jam and I think blueberry is it for me. I love this jam because of its simplicity. This jam is also a farm to table item. Using allulose as a sweetener*, this Blueberry Jam has no aftertaste, uses no artificial sweeteners, is diabetes friendly, low-carb, and 100% deliciously guilt-free! Hooray!

Located in Glenville, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, big sugar-free dreams are being created. We have a five year plan to increase our harvest capacity so that we grow most of the blueberries we use in our products. As we grow our crop capacity, we source additional blueberries from other local area farms. Lucky for us, there is a breathtaking blueberry farm just down the road from us in Strathlorne.

Made in small batches and then hand labelled, no two batches are exactly the same, and no jar is completely identical. Since we use fabric scraps, while every jar will be finished with a fabric cover and ribbon, the exact fabric and ribbon may change based on supply.

Ingredients: Fresh blueberries, allulose, lemon juice, low-methoxyl citrus pectin, monocalcium phosphate.

*Allulose is a rare sugar, that exists in nature in very small quantities such as figs and raisins. It is a monosaccharide, or simple sugar, that is absorbed by the body, but excreted through the kidneys and not metabolized, so it is nearly calorie-free.

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