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Sugar-Free Keto Artisanal Toffees

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These Sugar-Free Artisanal Toffees are beyond delicious and you'd never know they have no sugar in them. Made in small batches, the caramel is slowly heated to its toffee perfection, chilled, then hand cut and wrapped in individual pieces. Sweetened with allulose, these caramel toffees, have no aftertaste, are totally keto, diabetes friendly, low-carb, use no artificial sweeteners, and are and 100% deliciously guilt-free! Hooray!

As an artisanal product, each product is made by hand with love and care. Each box is unique, and since it is hand cut, no two pieces will be the exact same size.

Each package contains 15 pieces.

Ingredients: Allulose, distilled water, heavy cream, butter, vanilla extract, potassium sorbate (preservative)

**This product needs to be stored in a cool location or the fridge as the toffees can soften when kept in a warm location.

*Allulose is a rare sugar, that exists in nature in very small quantities such as figs and raisins. It is a monosaccharide, or simple sugar, that is absorbed by the body, but excreted through the kidneys and not metabolized, so it is nearly calorie-free.

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